Has such a nice ring to it, right? No! A necessity in today’s business world with a name that brings visions of utilitarian living!  OrencoLofts conquer that image, and put the “Oh, yeah!” back into view! Very pleasing to the eye, comfortable for the body, and smart for those expense reports; The OrencoLofts has got it covered. 

Corporate Housing

Orenco Station Amenities

Extended Stay

The Market Lofts


It’s been a busy day, and a relaxing  evening enjoying the Orenco ambiance is perfect. Located on the 3rd floor of the Kitchen Kaboodle Building in the heart of Orenco Station, is pretty easy to do. Whether it’s take-out sushi, or a bag full of organics for a comfortable fresh meal cooked in the smart-equipped kitchen, Market Loft makes it an enjoyable respite. The secure coded entrance, elevator, ample parking, free WiFi/cable, washer/dryer, and weekly housekeeping, all make for a comfortable, worry-free stay. 

  • Secured Entrance
  • Luxury, Fully-Equipped Kitchen
  • Weekly Housekeeping
  • Free WIFI and Cable
  • Washer Dryer
  • Ample Parking Options
  • Dog Friendly

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What we offer at Orenco Lofts Extended Stay

Loft Amenities

  • Hardwood floors 
  • Stained concrete 
  • Granite countertops 
  • Marble countertops 
  • Antiqued cabinetry
  • Premium fixtures 
  • Wainscotting
  • Premium appliances

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  • Fine Dinning 
  • Retail Shops 
  • Dry Cleaners 
  • Coffee Shops
  • Wine & Cigar Shop 
  • Taphouse 
  • Light Rail
  • New Seasons Market

Superb Location


Searching for an extended stay can be pricey and many times fall short on satisfaction, ending up with “settling” for accommodations that fizzle rather than sizzle! OrencoLofts deliver in comfort, location, and amenities that are perfect for an extended stay, whether it’s a week, or as long as a month…or two! Resting easy about the right space allows focus on what is important, while away from home.

Our Lofts

Like that old, but true saying, “Location, location, location!” Urban centers like Orenco Station, have all the amenities needed, just a few steps outside the door. New Seasons, the awesome “new favorite” market/deli, international cuisine presented by several restaurants and pubs, coffee houses, boutique shops and more are all within easy walking distance. 

City Center Lofts


How great is this? Walk out of this 2nd floor open loft with exposed rafters, to a morning latte’ on the corner?   This loft is wood and steel, concrete and cable, industrial but comfortable, well-equipped kitchen, laundry, free WiFI & cable, weekly housekeeping, and it’s located right in the center of Orenco’s offerings. Everybody has wondered what it’s like living “up there” above shops and restaurants in an urban setting. Now, at the water cooler conversation, there’s a smile when saying, “I’m staying in this really awesome loft!”

  • Luxury, Fully-Equipped Kitchen
  • Weekly Housekeeping
  • Free WIFI and Cable
  • Washer Dryer
  • Ample Parking Options
  • Dog Friendly